Worringer builds models. The epistemological meaning of his models, however, doesn’t exhaust itself in their semantic interpretation as theoretical reconstructions of a particular reality. It’s not about a model-like reality. The model, the appearance, serves Worringer as the smallest common denominator, instigating communication about his pictures. If Worringer builds a model mountain out of blankets, it’s about Ferdinand de Saussure’s concept of the mountain. According to Saussure, the word “mountain” is a random description (signifier) that follows a descriptive concept (significant). Thus, models are more like a concrete formation of a linguistic theory. By building a model, Worringer transfers the concept of the mountain into practice. Looking at Worringer’s diptych Différance (2011)—a cardboard egg carton and a model of a cardboard egg carton—the model of the egg carton becomes a theory about the theory, because the model of the egg carton reflects the concept of the egg carton. Hence, models in Worringer’s oeuvre become an abstraction of reality.